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About Personal Shopping Lists

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A Metaprices Personal Shopping List is a great way to manage your online shopping experience.*  Metaprices is a free service for online comparison shopping. Instead of using a scrap of paper or your memory to keep track of the Books, CD's, Videos, and Software that you'd like to buy someday, use your Metaprices Personal Shopping List. That way it's always handy on the Web, and it's coupled to our comparision shopping engine so you can compare prices at major online stores! Use your Wish List to let friends know what you'd like for birthdays, holidays, etc.
How to use a Personal Shopping List
Step 1: Search for Products The first step is to search for the Books, CDs, Videos or Software that you want using the METAPRICES comparison shopping engine. Select an item and do a price comparison on it. If you'd like to add the item to your personal shopping list, click on the button at the bottom of the screen that says "Add to Shopping List".
Step 2: Login When prompted to Login give your email and password. If you don't have an account yet create one. If you forgot your password we'll send you a reminder. Note: your browser must accept Cookies for the shopping list to work correctly.
Step 3: Manage your Shopping List If you'd like to delete an item from your list, click its Delete link. Do a price comparison for the item by clicking on a Compare... link. You can continue to add items to your list using Step 1. Users are currently limited to 100 items per shopping list.
Step 4: Manage your Wish List Use your Wish List to let your friends know what you want for holidays, birthdays, etc. If you want an item to appear on your Wish List click on the Add to link. To remove an item from your Wish List click on the Remove. If you choose not to use this feature rest easy: by default items don't appear on your Wish List. If you have items on your Wish List your friends can view it using a link like:
Step 5: Logout Click logout when you are done using your list, especially if you share a Web browser with other people.
METAPRICES is provided as a free service to users. We cannot guarantee that the prices shown are accurate or include the lowest prices available anywhere on the web, or that items are available or in stock.  The prices we report do not currently include shipping & handling, taxes, special store wide sales, or discounts. METAPRICES does not sell compact discs, books, or videos we only point you toward people who do.

*We welcome suggestions on where to expand and how to improve! (feedback@metabuy.com)

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